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  • COBRE Center for Cancer Research and Development at Rhode Island Hospital

  • How You Can Help

  • The National Institutes of Health has recognized the excellence of our research by providing funding to establish the COBRE Center for Cancer Research Development (CCCRD) but the Center needs your help to grow and flourish. We are actively trying to raise funds to hire additional qualified scientists, to purchase essential equipment and to renovate existing facilities to provide a better environment for efficient and productive research.

    Recently, the CCCRD was the grateful beneficiary of a $500,000 anonymous gift given in honor of Louis Leone, MD, a much beloved and highly respected pioneer in cancer treatment in Rhode Island who gave 45 years of service to the citizens of this state. Half of this gift will be used to support the Louis Leone Conference Center which will be located in the new Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital. The other half will be used to support the growth and expansion of the cancer research effort ongoing in the CCCRD. Giving support for Cancer Research in honor of Louis Leone is particularly appropriate because he, more than anyone else, has been the champion of the basic cancer research effort at Rhode Island Hospital.

    This generous gift is an exciting first step in building a solid, lasting foundation of support that will help us train the next generation of investigators dedicated to finding new methods of detection, diagnosis and treatment that will benefit cancer patients in Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusettes. Your charitable contribution or memorial gift in remembrance of someone dear can help us reach our goal by providing the means to expand our current technologies, increase the number of young investigators dedicated to cancer research and patient cures at the CCCRD.

    Specific areas of need include:

    • For Cancer Patients

      Out patient clinical research center with full time nursing staff: This Center will allow oncologists to carry out more clinical trials on promising new treatment modalities. The availability of such a facility will greatly increase the ability of RIH oncologist to bring the newest drugs and other treatments to area patients.
      Cost: Facilities - $2-3 million

    • For CCCRD Investigators

      The most advanced technologies that will enable investigators to carry out cutting edge research:

      Biacore for protein interactions: This instrument provides a means to define the interactions of proteins and the specific conditions needed to maximize or minimize these interactions. This technology is extremely valuable for identifying helper proteins required for the activity of cancer genes, the first step in developing designer drugs that target these proteins.
      Cost: $250,000

      Free Flow Electrophoresis: Free flow electrophoresis provides a way to separate proteins, cells and cell organelles based on the speed of their movement in an electrical field. This is an extremely valuable technology for purifying novel proteins that are thought to play a role in cancer.
      Cost: $250,000

      Live imaging system: This system is composed of a Leica Stereomicroscope fitted with an extremely sensitive digital camara that is capable of detecting the migration of cells labeled with a fluorescent protein following their injection into a mouse. This technology is extremely valuable for determining the fate of tumor cells, stem cells capable of repairing damaged organs or reconstituting the immune system following treatment with chemotherapy drugs or radiation.
      Cost: $60,000

      Robotic spot collector: This will be used for harvesting individual proteins separated by a 2-Dimension electrophoresis protocol, a process that separates proteins according to their net charge and their size. In comparative studies, harvested proteins unique to cancer cells can be identified by mass spectrometry
      Cost: $25,000

    • For the future

      Creating an endowment that will continue to provide support for the continued operation of CCCRD after the 5 year COBRE grant is completed, thereby ensuring the next generation's access to the highest quality research and treatment.

      Establishing endowed memorial fellowships for new faculty or post doctoral fellows. These are the individuals who devote themselves to research and make a difference.
      Cost: $750,000

      Endowed memorial chair for center director. Strong leadership is essential for continued success.
      Cost: $2-4 million

      Renovation/construction of space for the molecular carcinogenesis laboratories: Basic research laboratories are where the discoveries are made that provide the basis for new methods for diagnosis that provide information allowing treatment to be optimizing for each patients cancer and the development of drugs targeted specifically to genes critical to cancer growth, thereby providing effective therapies lacking the debilitating side effects of conventional chemotherapy and radiation.
      Cost: $2-4 million