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  • Lumpectomy

  • During a lumpectomy (also known as a partial mastectomy), a surgeon removes only the tumor and a small margin of surrounding healthy tissue. Because it's a breast conserving procedure, many women with early stage breast cancer choose this option when possible.

    The advantage of a lumpectomy is that you keep your breast (though you may notice a change in shape after surgery), and in doing so avoid the emotional toll that losing a breast can take. The disadvantages include five to eight weeks of radiation therapy following surgery, which is the common post-surgery treatment for breast cancer. Radiation can alter the texture of your breast and make it very sensitive; however, most changes disappear within a year.

    A lumpectomy may not be an option for women:

    • who are pregnant, because of the possible side effects of radiation on the unborn child.

    • who have more than one area of cancer in the same breast.

    • who have a large tumor in a relatively small breast.

    • who have had previous radiation therapy to the breast or chest.

    • who are unable to have radiation therapy.