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  • Reconstructive Surgery

  • The Comprehensive Cancer Center offers reconstructive breast surgery for women who have had a mastectomy and do not wish to wear a breast prosthesis. This surgery usually can be performed at the time of breast surgery; however, it can also be performed weeks and even years later, with the same cosmetic result.

    During breast reconstruction, a plastic surgeon uses your own breast tissue or an implant to reconstruct the breast, restoring its natural shape. A skin-sparing mastectomy spares the nipple and areola so that they can be included in the reconstruction.

    Reconstruction does not impact the chance of the cancer recurring, and would not have any effect on treatment if cancer does recur. Rarely does an implant impede the ability to spot the return of breast cancer.

    Few women are not good candidates for breast reconstruction. The choice is individual to every woman, and should be based on your personal needs, lifestyle, medical limitations, etc. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of breast reconstruction with your doctor.