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  • Surgery

  • The Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a comprehensive range of procedures for the surgical treatment of breast cancer. Your care team will discuss your options and will recommend the surgical procedure that is most appropriate for you.

    Breast conserving surgery aims to keep as much of the breast tissue intact as possible, typically removing a lump or part of the breast, which is the preferred option for women with early stage breast cancer. For those with advanced breast cancer or those who have a high risk of recurrence, a mastectomy to remove the whole breast may be the best course.

    During surgery, many women also have either a sentinel node biopsy or axillary node dissection, in which a surgeon removes lymph nodes from the underarm to determine if breast cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes. This procedure is very helpful in planning the treatment to follow surgery.

    Surgery is often combined with additional treatments, most often radiation therapy, to destroy any remaining cancer cells and reduce the chances that breast cancer might recur.