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  • Diagnosing Breast Cancer

  • When breast cancer is in its early stages, it can be difficult to detect. Abnormalities that are beginning to form are usually painless, and are so small that they cannot be found through a physical exam. While there are symptoms to watch for, breast cancer can often be identified before any of these signs with breast imaging.

    At the Comprehensive Cancer Center, we understand that the testing process can be unsettling, and even more so when you are waiting for your results. However, because breast cancer is most easily curable in its early stages, breast imaging is an important preventive measure and an essential component of overall breast health.

    The Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital and The Miriam Hospital offer a wide range of diagnostic examinations for breast cancer from minimally invasive procedures to surgery. Board-certified radiologists with subspecialty training perform all breast imaging tests, which are offered in collaboration with the Comprehensive Cancer Center at Rhode Island Hospital. 

    Information for Patients

    The Comprehensive Cancer Center offers breast imaging at The Miriam Hospital and the Miriam's Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center and The Anne C. Pappas Center for Breast Imaging at Rhode Island Hospital.


    We understand that waiting for your test results can be a scary. Our center's clinical social workers have expertise in helping you cope during this time.