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  • Ultrasound Guided Breast Biopsy

  • An ultrasound guided breast biopsy is a type of core needle biopsy that acquires breast tissue without surgery. It is performed when a lump or suspicious area is too small to be felt by hand. Ultrasound helps your doctor determine the exact location of the lump by using high frequency sound waves that reflect off breast tissue, creating a quality image that serves to guide your doctor. Ultrasound can help distinguish benign lumps, such as fluid-filled cysts, from solid growths.


    How is it performed?

    The beginning of the procedure is very similar to a breast ultrasound. As your doctor scans your breast, she will mark your skin over the abnormality. Next, the area on your breast will be sterilized with rubbing alcohol or iodine. Typically, an injection of local anesthetic is given to numb the area where the needle will be inserted. Once the anesthetic has taken effect, your doctor will make a tiny incision less than one inch, and using the ultrasound as a guide, will extract samples from the lump.