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  • Physical Therapy Assistant

  • A physical therapy assistant provides direct patient care under the supervision of a registered physical therapist. A physical therapy assistant uses prescribed activities to help patients recover physical function and strength lost through disease, injury or other causes, and to relieve pain and promote healing.

    Job responsibilities

    • Executes a treatment program within prescribed guidelines including range of motion, ultrasound, whirlpool, therapeutic exercise, endurance training, hydro and/or burn therapy, wheelchair and/or adaptive equipment training.:
    • This may include a prolonged stretch protocol including positioning of patient and application of heat.
    • Monitors treatment through joint range or muscle strength measurements.
    • Documents course and response to treatment provided in medical records.
    • Fabricates splints and inhibitive casts as needed.
    • Fabricates assistive devices-special seating, sitting or standing support platforms and foam wedges.
    • Cleans and maintains equipment.

    Places of practice

    • Public or private hospitals
    • Clinics
    • Health agencies
    • Physician practices

    Educational Programs:

    for a full list of physical therapy assistant education programs in the United States visit the American Physical Therapy Association Web site.

    Professional organizations: