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  • Registered Nurse

  • Registered nurses (RNs), have a wide variety of responsibilities. Mainly, RNs work hand in hand with physicians and other health care professionals in the traditional hospital setting. Many RNs work in administrative roles and even become the chief nursing officer (CNO) of a hospital or health care organization. RNs earn approximately $40,000 a year.

    Nursing specialties

    • Clinical Nurse Specialists
    • Nurse Midwife
    • Nurse Anesthetist
    • Nurse Practitioner

    Job responsibilities:

    • Help to evaluate the patient's condition.
    • Devise effective treatment plans and monitor and record the patient's reactions and progress.
    • Coordinate the care given by other members of the health care team.
    • Supervise support staff, such as licensed practical nurses and nursing assistants.
    • Possess the technical knowledge to use sophisticated equipment, while keeping abreast of rapidly evolving advances in health care.

    Educational requirements:

    • Associate's degree program
    • Diploma program from a three-year, hospital-based program
    • Bachelor's degree program from an accredited school

    Educational programs:

    Professional organizations: