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  • Respiratory Care Practitioner/ Therapist

  • Respiratory care practitioners work under the direction of a physician and assist in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients with pulmonary disorders like asthma.

    According to, respiratory therapists earn approximately $37,000 a year.

    Job responsibilities:

    • Measure the capacity of a patient's lungs to determine if there is impaired function.
    • Draw and analyze blood samples to determine the levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases to assess the best course of treatment.
    • Treating and providing therapy to help patients to help recover their lung function.
    • Use various types of equipment to administer oxygen or to stimulate breathing.
    • Administer medications in aerosol form to help alleviate breathing problems.

    Patients who need a respiratory care practitioner

    • Premature infants
    • The elderly
    • Women with high-risk deliveries
    • Patients with acute and chronic lung diseases
    • Patients with emergencies from disease or trauma

    Places of practice:

    • Hospitals
    • Nursing homes
    • Home health agencies
    • Medical equipment supply companies
    • Physicians' offices

    Educational requirements:

    • Two-year associate degree program in respiratory care.
    • A license obtained by passing the required examination.

    Educational programs:

    Professional organizations: