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  • Respiratory Care Equipment Technician

  • The respiratory care equipment technician works under the supervision of respiratory care managers and with the guidance of licensed respiratory care practitioners to prepare, transport, set up and check respiratory care equipment in both routine and emergency situations.

    Typical duties include:

    • Make daily rounds to assigned areas to deliver, check, change and set up equipment.
    • Check supplies and storage areas for adequate inventory.
    • Disassemble, clean, re-assemble and test equipment.
    • Respond to routine and emergency calls to deliver and set up equipment for immediate use.
    • Prepare and maintain patient billing records.

    Educational Requirements:

    • High school graduate with good reading and writing skills
    • Have the ability to read graphs, gauges and keep records
    • Three or more months of on-the-job training 
    • Trainees are usually paid during the training period

    Not all hospitals with respiratory care departments employ respiratory care equipment technicians.