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  • Central Transport Department

  • Most hospitals have central transport departments, which are responsible for transporting patients, mail, medical records, laboratory specimens, equipment and patient-related materials to all areas within the hospital.

    Job responsibilities

    • Transports patients by wheelchair or stretcher to areas within the hospital. 
    • Transfers patients to and from transport vehicles with direction and/or assistance from nursing personnel.
    • Collects laboratory specimens, medical records, x-rays, lab reports and prescriptions and distributes these to appropriate areas.
    • Moves equipment on wheels and/or other moderately heavy equipment such as hospital beds, carts, cardiac monitors and supplies.
    • Collects mail and interdepartmental correspondence from the mail room and other departments and distributes it.
    • Operates a service elevator used for transportation of patients, equipment and supplies
    • Collects and returns transport vehicles (wheelchairs and stretchers) to appropriate areas.
    • Prepares vehicles for patient use by cleaning, changing linen and replacing I.V. poles.

    Educational Requirements

    • High school graduate
    • Two to four weeks of on-the-job training