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  • Profiles: Working In Pediatrics

  • Stephanie Forgue, RN

    Stephanie Forgue, RNI've been a nurse since 2001 and, until a year ago, I worked as a float nurse at Newport Hospital. In that capacity, I've been literally everywhere in the hospital, like the ER, the ICU, the med-surge unit, rehab, pediatrics, and the birthing center. For the past year, I've worked in nursing administration, but I miss being at the bedside, so I plan to return to the float pool. I like that they gave me the chance to try nursing administration.

    I haven't really figured out the area where I want to work permanently, but I don't have to figure that out right away. I enjoy trying new things. I love the ER. I love the excitement, the adrenaline rush, even the codes. And I also really love working with geriatric patients.

    My daughter was born in 2008, and Newport Hospital was awesome after I had her-they were very accommodating with my work schedule. I plan on having another child at some point, so I need to stay flexible.

    I took advantage of Newport Hospital's tuition assistance when I went to the University of Rhode Island for my bachelor's degree in nursing. In nursing school, I got to see a lot of other hospitals through my clinical assignments. I'm glad I had that exposure, because it really made me appreciate Newport Hospital. It's a beautiful facility.

    I love the close-knit community feel of this hospital. It's so family-oriented, and I've made so many friends here. It's also really convenient. I live in Newport, and it's maybe a 2-mile commute to the hospital. I have no complaints. I really have a great life.



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