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  • Catherine Dubé, EdD

  • Catherine Dubé, EdD, is an adjunct associate professor of behavioral and social sciences in the Program in Public Health at Brown University and a research associate in the Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine at The Miriam Hospital. She serves as project director on two current grants, PAQS (Parents of Asthmatics Quit Smoking, funded by NHLBI) and ABLE (Active Behaviors for Living Empowered: A Program for Smoker with Mobility Impairments, funded by NCI). Both of these projects are large, community-based smoking cessation randomized trials. The ABLE project will test the effectiveness of a DVD-based intervention (compared to print materials) and the video intervention is currently in development.

    Dubé's background is in educational intervention development, curriculum development and communication in medicine. She has led or collaborated on several qualitative research studies, including current formative studies of smokers with mobility impairments in the ABLE project.

    Dubé's academic career includes fifteen years as research faculty at Brown University's Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies and four years at the Institute for Community Health Promotion, also at Brown University. She has over 40 peer reviewed publications, fifteen other articles and book chapters and has led the development of eleven curriculum packages for medical education on substance abuse and cancer prevention. She continues to teach an undergraduate course at Brown University in communication in medicine.

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    Academic and Research Appointments

    • Research Associate, Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine, 2009-present
    • Adjunct Associate Professor, Community Health, Brown University, 2007-present
    • Research Associate, Department of Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine, 2007-2009
    • Director of Curriculum and Evaluation, Department of Medicine. Boston University School of Medicine, 2007-2009
    • Associate Professor, Community Health, Brown University, 2006-2007
    • Senior Lecturer (Senior Faculty Term Appointment), Community Health, Brown University, 2001-2006
    • Assistant Professor (Research), Community Health, Brown University, 1995-2001
    • Clinical Assistant Professor of Community Health, Brown University, 1988-1995
    • Collaborating Research Scientist, New England Research Institute, 1994-2000
    • Lecturer in Technical Communications, University College, Northeastern University, 1985- 1989

    Selected Publications

    1. Goldstein MG, Niaura R, Willey-Lessne C, DePue J, Eaton C, Rakowski W, Dubé CE (1997)  Physicians counseling smokers: a population-based survey of patients' perceptions of health care provider-delivered smoking cessation interventions.  Arch Intern Med, 157  (12), 1313-1319.

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    Other Publications

    1. Dubé CE (2005).  Communication for doctors: How to improve patient care and minimize legal risks (book review).  Health Expectations, 8, 280-81.

    2. Dubé CE (2006).  Patient education: information for educators and medical students.  Medical Encounter, 20 (2): 17-20.

    3. Dubé CE (2009) Concordance: a partnership in medicine-taking (book review). Health Expectations, 13:108-110.

    4. Dubé CE (2011)  Practical plans for difficult conversations in medicine: strategies that work in breaking bad news (book review).  American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, 5(3): 293.