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  • After the Procedure

  • After your procedure, you will be taken to a recovery area. Many people do not recall the procedure because of the effect of the medication. You will probably feel drowsy and you may sleep for a short time. You may still feel bloated after your exam.

    Due to the sedative you are given prior to the exam, you might not remember speaking with your physician after the exam. Once you are ready to be discharged from the hospital, the recovery nurse will give you written instructions to follow. You must arrange for someone to drive you home.

    The day after your procedure, a nurse will call you to make sure you did not experience problems after your exam. If your procedure is performed on a Friday, you will receive a phone call the following Monday.

    For more information, please call Lifespan Health Connection: 401-444-4800 or 1-800-927-1230.