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    Weight Management Program
    West River Center
    146 West River Street
    Suite 11A
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  • The "Dieting" Component

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    Long term weight management is not just a matter of taking off the pounds. Any fad diet can do that. Our goal is to help you learn proper nutrition and how to manage behaviors that lead to overeating so you can maintain your desired weight. But first, we have to help you lose the initial pounds you need to lose. Essentially, the weight loss portion of our program involves three levels of calorie restriction based on your medical condition and the amount of weight loss required.

    • Level 1
      In this 20-week program for those with less than 35 pounds to lose, patients maintain a 1,200 to 1,500 balanced calorie deficit-food diet.
    • Level II
      In this 20-week program for those with 35-65 pounds to lose, patients have one low calorie meal per day, with a liquid food supplement to ensure proper nutrition.
    • Level III
      At this level, patients with more than 65 pounds to lose will enter either a 20-week or 28-week program. Patients have a nutritionally balanced liquid diet. After the liquid diet, we gradually reintroduce food.

    Treatment fees vary based on your level of insurance coverage.

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