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  • The Lifespan Call Center is located at:

    The Miriam Hospital
    164 Summit Ave.
    Providence, RI, 02906
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  • Call Center

  • Since 2000, the Lifespan Call Center has been providing Lifespan and other health care practitioners with a myriad of customized inbound and outbound call center solutions.

    Our business is to connect, direct and assist our customers in an accurate, convenient, professional and timely manner. Our environment is equipped with an advanced technological system that allows us to obtain and process information quickly and accurately, as well a high performing staff that provides high quality customer service.

    Our History

    The Lifespan Call Center was established at The Miriam Hospital in 2000 by Sally Irons, director of volunteer services and the patient information desk. The center was established as a professional health care contact center providing services for Rhode Island Hospital and its Hasbro Children's Hospital, The Miriam Hospital, and Lifespan Corporate Services.

    Our reputation grew as a 24-hour-a-day, 365-day-a-year, quality medical connection, serving both the community and Lifespan staff. The Call Center was increasingly in demand for other health care practitioners, which led to the development of our physician answering service in November 2001.

    Currently, the Lifespan Call Center has 28 (and growing) professional, well-trained call center associates, all committed to successful patient and customer service.