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  • Our goal is to maintain and develop the appropriate communication technology to meet the needs of our customers. Our Call Center is a computerized environment powered by an Amcom call center system.

    • Amcom Smart Console Workstations automate operator tasks and integrate caller and directory information in one robust. PC-based application, enabling us to answer more calls in less time. Streamlined, unified communications help our associates to increase productivity and accuracy while maintaining ever-courteous, professional call reception. Smart Console applications provide efficient operations through screen-based interactive functions including automatic screen displays (screen pops) of incoming calls, single button call transfers, conferencing, speed dialing and other telephony functions. This powerful system provides easy access to database information, messaging and staff tracking options. Other features that are integrated in the Amcom system include paging, referral, call recording, voice-assisted transfer and messaging.
    • Skills-based routing is an added dimension to our automated call distribution technology that not only equitably distributes incoming calls among a group of agents to yield a higher level of customer service, but also routes incoming calls to the agent who is best qualified to handle the patient's needs.
    • Metrocall is another telecommunication technology (a paging product) that is integrated in our call center system.
    • Parlance system provides our employees and physicians with the ability to contact their co-workers' office telephones, cellular phones and pagers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Name connector/voice assisted dialing makes it easier for them to reach people or departments.
    • Smart Web enables employees and other authorized users to do directory searches, paging and on-call scheduling from their corporate internal website or the Internet. That means convenience and up-to-date information for users.
    • We also use Nextel's wireless integrated communication technology and Verizon services in conjunction with our Amcom technology.