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  • The Stroke Center at The Miriam Hospital

  • Rehabilitation

  • After suffering a stroke it's important to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible. Rehabilitation helps survivors:

    • Regain body functions lost to stroke
    • Cope with disabilities and depression caused by stroke
    • Learn skills to resume daily routines and re-enter the workforce

    Various types of rehabilitation specialists work with stroke survivors:

    • Primary care physician or neurologist - tracks a patient's health
    • Rehabilitation nurse - works with the physician to ensure the recovery of functions after a stroke and oversees his or her progress in rehabilitation
    • Physical therapist - helps the survivor regain functional mobility, such as ambulation (walking), and maximize independence
    • Speech therapist - helps the survivor overcome speech or language impairments caused by stroke
    • Occupational therapist - helps the survivor improve cognitive function and maximize independence, allowing him or her to perform everyday functional activities, such as eating and personal grooming
    • Psychiatrist - helps the survivor cope with the depression and disabilities caused by stroke

    For more information about the Stroke Center at The Miriam Hospital, please call 401-793-5533.