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  • First Anniversary Celebration

  • Center for Bariatric Surgery Anniversary 66
    From left to right: Deb Batista; G. Dean Roye, MD; Cicely Dove

    The Center for Bariatric Surgery at The Miriam Hospital – a combined program that unites nationally recognized bariatric surgeons and staff from Rhode Island and The Miriam hospitals into a single program on one campus – recently celebrated its one-year anniversary.

    To mark the special day, former bariatric surgery patients were invited to an anniversary reception, where they had the opportunity to thank and celebrate with the surgeons, physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other providers who cared for them during their stay and helped them return to their daily activities.

    The Miriam Hospital has been offering weight loss surgery since 2007, before the program united with the bariatric surgery program at Rhode Island Hospital. The combined Center performed 315 total bariatric-related cases in its first year and continues to offer a variety of widely attended seminars and support groups for both patients and their families.

    The Center for Bariatric Surgery provides a full range of bariatric care services to support patients throughout the entire process, including a thorough physical and psychological preoperative evaluation, free patient support groups, pre- and post-operative counseling and a long-term follow-up plan to help patients commit to the lifestyle changes needed to achieve and maintain successful results.

    “Our goal is not just to help people lose weight, but we want to change their lives by giving them the tools they need to lead a healthier lifestyle,” said Siva Vithiananthan, MD, chief of minimally invasive and bariatric surgery at The Miriam Hospital and director of the Center for Bariatric Surgery. “It is incredibly rewarding to hear from former patients who tell us how they are now off of their blood pressure medication or are running half marathons and accomplishing other feats they never thought were possible before coming to us for bariatric surgery.”

    Thank you to all patients, staff and clinicians who attended.

    Surgeon G. Dean Roye, MD speaks about his time at the Center for Bariatric Surgery and his positive experience with his patients.

    Patient Arlene Silvia (at right) speaking about her experience with the surgical team; Kellie Armstrong, RN, program coordinator, looks on.

    Scott Mercier speaking about his experience with his surgical team and his rehabilitation

    Siva Vithiananthan, MD, chief of minimally invasive and bariatric surgery, shares his experiences over the past year.

    Scott Mercier and Deb Batista listen to a fellow former patient explain how their life has improved since bariatric surgery.

    Pictured, front row, left to right: Siva Vithiananthan, MD, chief of minimally invasive and bariatric surgery; Kellie Armstrong, RN; Deb Sheran; Sharon Hellmann; Denise Papa; Jim Giroux. Back row, left to right: Cicely Dove; Arlene Silvia; Deb Batista; Scott Mercier; and Arthur Sampson, president, The Miriam Hospital.
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