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  • Center for Bariatric Surgery: A Program of Rhode Island and The Miriam Hospitals

  • There are six reasons why patients either fail to lose enough weight or regain weight. Four are technically related to the procedure:

    • Pouch enlargement
    • Stomach enlargement
    • Staple line disruption
    • Band Slippage

    However, these four causes are, in large part, related to poor eating habits, particularly frequent or constant overeating. The fifth reason is overeating and non healthy food choices after the operation. The sixth and most frequent reason is lack of exercise. If a patient frequently eats high caloric foods and drinks high caloric liquids, he or she will gain weight.

    The goal of the operations are to allow a morbidly obese person to undergo a significant weight loss and to give them the opportunity to maintain that weight loss through a surgical procedure that reduces the capacity and emptying of the stomach. It is hoped that through these means the individual will become motivated to undergo more physical activity and exercise, thus not only decreasing the amount of calories taken in but also increasing the amount of calories used.

    Do people ever lose more weight than is safe?

    Although anything is possible, patients rarely drop below their ideal body weight and in the rare person who does, it is generally for only a brief period of time.