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  • Center for Bariatric Surgery: A Program of Rhode Island and The Miriam Hospitals

  • Bariatric surgery promotes weight loss by restricting food intake and, in some procedures, altering the digestive process. As with other treatments for obesity, the best results are achieved when combined with healthy eating behaviors and regular physical activity. If bariatric surgery is the right choice for you, your surgeon will discuss with you the procedures offered at the Center for Bariatric Surgery and will explain which would achieve the best outcomes for your individual circumstance.

    What is laparoscopy?

    The preferred methods for bariatric surgery at the Center for Bariatric Surgery involve laparoscopy (also known as minimally invasive surgery), a surgical technique in which a high-definition camera and very fine surgical instruments are placed through small incisions, instead of the standard large incisions. The image is then viewed on a video monitor by highly trained surgeons as they perform the procedure using the specialized instruments.

    Eliminating the need for a large incision, laparoscopy results in less tissue damage, less blood loss, shorter hospitalization, a faster recovery, and fewer complications than open operations. The Miriam Hospital's state-of-the-art operating rooms and staff provide patients with the best care possible using laparoscopic techniques.