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  • Center for Bariatric Surgery: A Program of Rhode Island and The Miriam Hospitals

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    In order to begin the process, each candidate must: 

    • Call 401-793-3922 to request a bariatric surgery questionnaire

    • Fill out a detailed questionnaire and return it to the surgeon's office

    • Attend an informational seminar and a surgeon's consultation, which will be set up after the surgeon or nurse practitioner reviews the questionnaire that you have returned to the surgeon's office

    • Complete a 7-day dietary recall. We ask candidates to record the type and quantity of food they eat for 7 consecutive days, noting everything they eat and drink. It is important that they be accurate. We will have a rough idea of the accuracy based on the person's weight and the amount of calculated calories they need

    • Have a photograph of himself or herself at his or her current weight 

    Preoperative testing

    Once an individual qualifies for a bariatric procedure, he or she must undergo extensive preoperative testing. Some of the testing may include:

    • A psychological evaluation
    • A nutrition evaluation
    • A sonogram of the gallbladder
    • An upper GI series in which the patient drinks barium and x-rays are taken
    • A chest x-ray
    • An electrocardiogram
    • Measurements of energy expenditure and respiratory capacities
    • A large amount of blood work

    Once all testing, follow up and preoperative requirements are complete, the patient can be scheduled for surgery.