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  • Center for Bariatric Surgery: A Program of Rhode Island and The Miriam Hospitals

  • The Day Before Surgery:

    The day before your surgery you will only be drinking clear liquids, as approved by your doctor.

    • Do not eat or drink after midnight on the day before surgery
    • Ask your doctor or nurse for more information

    The Day of Surgery:

    Please bring with you a photo ID and your insurance card. Also bring with you your CPAP Machine, if one has been prescribed for you.

    After you are admitted to the pre-operative holding unit you will:

    • Have an intravenous started. (Sometimes an intravenous cannot be started because of the obesity or poor veins. In these cases, a special type of intravenous will be inserted into a vein in the neck or beneath the clavicle prior to surgery)
    • Receive an antibiotic and blood thinner
    • Have supportive stockings and compression devices applied to your lower extremities to help prevent blood clots and promote circulation
    • Be interviewed by members of the peri-operative team: which includes registered nurses, anesthesiologist, surgical resident and your attending surgeon

    After your preoperative preparations are complete, you will be taken to the operating room for your surgery. Guests will be able to wait in the surgical waiting area.

    After surgery, you will go to the post anesthesia care unit, till you are ready to go to your assigned room.