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  • Ernestine Jennings PhD  

    Ernestine Jennings, PhD
    Assistant Professor

    The Miriam Hospital
    Centers for Behavioral and Preventive Medicine
    Coro West, Suite 309
    164 Summit Ave
    Providence, RI 02906
    Phone: 401-793-8266
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  • Ernestine Jennings, PhD

  • Ernestine Jennings, PhD, is a clinical psychologist with an interest in conducting research in behavioral medicine. Her experience includes research delivering a smoke-free home intervention to caregivers in a neonatal intensive care unit, incorporating physical activity into smoking cessation interventions and exploring the maintenance strategies used by women who successfully quit smoking during smoking cessation treatment. She is also a co-investigator or collaborator on several federally funded behavioral smoking cessation trials and physical activity promotion trials. This includes training community members to deliver smoking cessation treatment in the YMCA and public housing developments. Additional interests include qualitative methods for study development and working with diverse populations to improve health.

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    Jennings, E., Pekmezi, D. & Marcus-Blank, B., & Marcus, B. (2008). Community smoking cessation resources. Current Cardiovascular Risk Reports, 2, 452-457.

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    Williams, D.M., Dunsiger, S., Ussher, M.H., Whiteley, J.A., Jennings, E.G., & Ciccolo, J.T. (2011). Acute effects of moderate intensity exercise on core affect and cigarette cravings. Addictive Behaviors, Aug;36(8):894-7.

    Bock, B., Fava, J., Gaskins, R., Morrow, K., Williams, D., Becker, B., Tremont, G. Jennings, E., & Marcus, B. (in press). Yoga as a complimentary treatment for smoking cessation: A pilot study. Journal of Women's Health.


    R01 DA021729-03 (Marcus)

    Using a YMCA Exercise Program to Enhance Nicotine Dependence Treatment for Women This study will test the efficacy of our CTQ smoking cessation program when delivered in local YMCAs by YMCA staff. This is a necessary intermediate step toward dissemination of our efficacious smoking cessation treatment for women and is consistent with Stage III behavioral research as defined in PA-03-126.
    Role: Co-Investigator

    R01 HL064342-07 (Marcus)

    Achieving Physical Activity Guidelines Through an Enhanced Print Intervention This study will test an enhanced version of our individually tailored print intervention in an attempt to help a larger percentage of participants achieve the national recommendations for physical activity participation. Role: Co-Investigator

    R21 DA027142-01 (Bock)

    Examining A Text Messaging Intervention for Smoking Cessation This study will test the use of a tailored intervention delivered through text-messaging to assist young adult smokers who want to quit smoking.
    Role: Co-Investigator

    R21 AT003669-02S1 (Bock)

    Yoga for Women Attempting Smoking Cessation: An Initial Investigation This competing revision will add several cohorts of male subjects to our ongoing study of yoga as an adjunctive treatment for smoking cessation. The effects of exercise on smoking cessation among men are unknown. This study will begin the process of addressing this gap in the literature by testing the feasibility of recruiting and treating men in a smoking cessation with yoga study.
    Role: Co-Investigator

    R01 CA141587 (Borrelli) Motivating Smoking Cessation in a Low-Income Housing Population This is a study to conduct a group-randomized trial among public housing residents to test whether the use of resident Community Health Advocates with special training in smoking cessation Tobacco Treatment Advocates can improve (1) utilization of quitlines and clinic-based programs and (2) smoking cessation rates among smokers in public housing developments in Boston.
    Role: Tobacco Treatment Advocate Trainer

    Under review:

    R03 CA162985 (Jennings) Postpartum Exercise Intervention for Previously Smoking Mothers
    Role:  Principal Investigator
    This pilot study will examine the feasibility and potential impact of an exercise-based intervention for preventing smoking cessation relapse in women who quit smoking during pregnancy.