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  • About Us

  • The office of community relations at Lifespan exists as a point of entry into our organization, as a resource and informational hub that focuses and streamlines the way we connect to the community.

    Mission and Vision

    The primary vision of the office of community relations features four interwoven missions that support the strategic plan, mission and vision of Lifespan:

    • To establish the office of community relations as a valued resource and point of entry for the community

    • To position Lifespan as a good citizen, responsible corporate citizen, employer of choice and highly valued community partner

    • To build trusting relationships with our valued stakeholders

    • To increase the visibility of the amazing work that is done every day by the volunteers, employees, physicians and friends of Lifespan

    Roles and Responsibilities

    The function of the office of community relations is to centralize Lifespan's existing community involvement efforts while providing transparency and leadership as Lifespan seeks to expand its role in the Rhode Island community as a responsible corporate citizen and neighbor.

    Our strategic goals include:

    • Enhance our relationships with key community stakeholders

    • Balance the needs of the community with the resources and strategic objectives of Lifespan

    • Support our efforts as the premiere healthcare organization in Rhode Island and beyond

    • Maintain Lifespan as Rhode Island's leader in healthcare diversity and inclusion

    The office of community relations is responsible for:

    • Community partnerships & sponsorships

    • Linking Lifespan's community relations efforts to the extraordinary work in the Diversity Office

    • Assisting the community with navigating the many services and opportunities within Lifespan