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  • Biopsy and Routine Preparations

  • The week before:

    • Stop taking aspirin or aspirin products (Bufferin, Excedrin, Ecotrin, etc.) For 7 days before the procedure.
    • If you take coumadin or warfarin (blood thinners), they should be stopped 4 days before the procedure and a blood test (prothrombin time) should be drawn 2 days before the procedure. These test results should be faxed to the CT section at 401-793-4431.
    • Stop taking anti-inflammatory medications (i.e., motrin (ibuprofen), indocin, Naprosyn, etc.) 7 days prior to the procedure. It is okay to take Tylenol (acetaminophen).
    • Important: If you take aspirin or blood thinners (i.e., coumadin) less than 4 days before the procedure, please call the CT scheduler at 401-793-4430 as the procedure will need to be rescheduled for a later date.
    • If your doctor ordered blood tests that were done outside of The Miriam Hospital, bring the results with you or have them faxed to our department at 401-793-4431.
    • If you have outside x-ray tests such as a CT scan, MRI scan, ultrasound or plain x-ray, please bring them with you.

    The night before:

    • Do not eat any food or drink after midnight.

    The day of the procedure:

    • Take your regular medications (except for those listed above) with a sip of water in the morning.
    • Bring x-ray studies and blood test results with you to the hospital.
    • If you have trouble understanding English, bring a family member or a friend who can translate for you.
    • At the hospital, first report to the admitting department to register for your exam and receive your blue card.
    • Admitting staff will then direct you to the CT department, which is on the first floor.
    • The procedure and recovery time usually take up to 3 hours.
    • You will need somebody to drive you home and be with you the night after the procedure.

    For more information about computed tomography at The Miriam Hospital call 401-793-4402 or e-mail