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  • Lymphoscintigraphy Scan

  • A lymphoscintigraphy scan is performed on patients diagnosed with breast cancer and melanoma. In conjuctuion with a surgical procedure, a lymphoscintigraphy scan helps define lymph node groups. The purpose of the exam is to help plan surgery and lead to minimal surgical interventions. There is no preparation for this exam.

    What to expect

    • Upon arrival, You will be asked to lie down. The radiologist will confirm the injection site and and write the word "yes" in black marker on the injection site.
    • The radiologist will inject two doses of radioactivity under your skin surrounding he primary lesion or biopsy site. There are no side effects to the injection. You will then be asked to wait a short period time before images can be taken.
    • Once wait time is complete, a technologist will take images of the biopsy site. Each picture takes approximately five minutes. These will be reviewed by the radiologist. More images may be taken if needed.
    • Once imaging is complete, you will be taken to the surgical site.

    Your images will be read by a board-certified radiologist and the report will be sent to your doctor.

    To schedule an exam please call 401-793-4480. For more information about general nuclear medicine at The Miriam Hospital, call 401-793-4118 or e-mail