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  • Thyroid Scan

  • A thyroid scan makes it possible for the physician to see the size, shape and function your thyroid gland. The thyroid scan is scheduled over two days and consists of three parts.

    There is a special preparation for this test. Make sure you have received preparation information from your doctor. If you have any further questions, feel free to call the nuclear medicine department.

    What to expect

    • Part 1: The first day of the exam, we will be taking a brief history from you. You will be given a capsule containing a small amount of radioactive material, which goes to your thyroid gland. There are no side effects to the capsule.
    • Part 2: On the same day, you will be asked to return to the nuclear medicine department five hours after your intial appointment. At that time, we will be performing a thyroid uptake and a thyroid scan. The uptake tells us how your thyroid is functioning. The thyroid scan gives us a look at the size and shape of the thyroid gland.
    • Part 3: On the second day, you will return to the office to have another thyroid uptake performed.

    Your images will be read by a board-certified radiologist and the report will be sent to your doctor.

    To schedule an exam please call 401-793-4480. For more information about general nuclear medicine at The Miriam Hospital, call 401-793-4118 or e-mail