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  • White Blood Cell Imaging

  • White blood cell imaging make is possible to localize sites of infection or inflammation. There is no special preparation for this test.

    What to expect

    • Upon arrival, the technologist will draw blood. The blood will be shipped to our radiopharmacy and mixed with a radioactive material. The technologist will inform you as to what time will need to return to the department to have the bood reinjected into your vein.
    • After blood has been reinjected, you must wait a minimum of four hours to a maximum of twenty-four hours before we are able to take pictures. The wait time depends on the type of the radioactive material used. This varies for each case.
    • When you are ready for imaging, you will be asked to lie on your back. Cameras will be positioned over and under you, so we can take images of the front and back at the same time.
    • Special images or single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) images may be required. SPECT images require the camera to move around you in a 360-degree circular motion.

    The entire imaging process takes approximately one to two hours depending on the amount and types of images required for your study. Your images will be read by a board-certified radiologist and the report will be sent to your doctor.

    To schedule an exam please call 401-793-4480. For more information about general nuclear medicine at The Miriam Hospital, call 401-793-4118 or e-mail