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  • Doctor and patient The nuclear medicine division comprises general nuclear medicine imaging and nuclear cardiology.

    General nuclear medicine pertains to most parts of the body, excluding the heart. Some of the exams commonly performed include bone scans, thyroid scans, liver scans, kidney scans and lung scans.

    We also perform therapeutic general nuclear medicine, which includes thyroid therapies for hyperthyroidism and Samarium therapies for bone pain palliation.

    General nuclear medicine studies can be used to diagnose or exclude diseases in every major organ system, often at earlier stages than other available medical imaging modalities.

    Therapeutic applications of nuclear medicine include treatment of hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, and palliation of pain from bone metastases.


    Nuclear cardiology provides exercise myocardial perfusion imaging, resting myocardial perfusion imaging for viability assessment, and RVG scans for functional assessment.