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  • The Lifespan Health Connection is real people, not a recording.

    We are a voice on the other end of the phone line when you need health information. We are a team of trained professionals with a wealth of health knowledge and experience, dedicated to providing superior customer service to the general public. We have extensive knowledge of physician expertise, scheduling and specialty contact information.

    The Lifespan Health Connection offers a number of efficient and convenient services to patients and the general public. We can provide you with fast, easy access to a wide range of services including:

    • Access to resources within the Lifespan network and information about other Rhode Island and regional health care organizations.
    • Physician referrals and appointment scheduling in every medical area.
    • Wellness programs to promote improved health and longevity
    • Community outreach programs that bring health speakers and services to your neighborhood
    • Research programs and support groups.
    • Registration assistance for event and programs.

    Our standards call for consistent customer service quality, including same-day or 24-hour request responses and follow-up.

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