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  • HiTECH Heart Program:

  • Teachers, take a healthy heart break from your normal school day.

    Lifespan Community Health Services' Marianne Stepanian, RN, teaches fourth and fifth graders about their hearts.

    The HiTECH Heart program (Help in Teaching Elementary Children about Healthy Hearts) is a free multi-lesson, introductory series developed by the Minnesota Health Institute Foundation to help fourth and fifth grade elementary school students discover how the heart works and how to use healthy behaviors to care for it.

    The Teaching Children to Save Lives program teaches children about introductory CPR. The HiTECH Heart program expands students' knowledge about their hearts.

    Students will learn:

    • What the heart is, its location, size and parts
    • How the heart works and how to take care of it
    • How fluid moves through valves and vessels as they hear the sound of a beating heart and feel its realistic texture
    • How to make healthy choices and live tobacco-free

    Lifespan Community Health Services will provide:

    • A facilitator/coach to train your teachers
    • A complete elementary education plan packet that includes lesson plans, class and take-home activity sheets, and evaluation forms
    • A certified, trained facilitator to present one interactive lesson featuring the HiTECH Heart model

    This program is available throughout the school year at no or low cost to your school. To schedule an appointment to learn more about the HiTECH Heart program, please call Marianne Stepanian, RN, Lifespan Community Health Services, at 401-444-8009, ext. 8063.

    All HiTECH heart educational materials were developed by the Minnesota Health Institute Foundation.