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  • About Lifespan Risk Services

  • 167 Point Street, Suite 170
    Providence, RI  02903
    Tel: 401-444-8273
    Fax: 401-444-8963

    Lifespan Risk Services, Inc. (LRS), is a for-profit corporation that is wholly owned by Lifespan. LRS provides the following services:

    • Perform underwriting activities for R.I. Sound Enterprises Insurance Co., Ltd. (RISE), Lifespan's wholly owned captive-insurance company. Issue Indemnification Agreements and other coverage documentation on behalf of Lifespan and its subsidiaries.
    • Manage the claims covered by Lifespan's insurance programs and/or the Lifespan Malpractice Plan (LMP). Coordinate the defense of claims with outside legal counsel.
    • Assist in the procurement and management of commercial insurance for Lifespan and its subsidiaries.
    • Provide risk management educational programs and coordinate surveys to minimize risk.