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  • Applying for Coverage

  • All employees of Lifespan facilities, including employed physicians and nurses, are automatically covered by the Lifespan Malpractice Plan (the plan). The plan also provides coverage to a number of affiliated physicians and their medical practice groups.  If you will be joining a medical practice group covered by the the Lifespan Malpractice Plan you can coordinate completion of a coverage application form through the group's business manager or by using the application form.

    Click here for volunteer form and information.

    If you are a member of the Lifespan PSO and meet certain coverage criteria, you may also be eligible for coverage under the plan.  To pursue coverage directly through the staff of Lifespan Risk Services, you may contact Rick Almeida (401-444-6186 or email) or Steven Santos (401-444-4582 or email). 

    If you have any questions about the plan,  please contact Rick Almeida, director of insurance and business operations, via e-mail or phone