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  • Administrative Staff

  • The CORO Building
    167 Point Street, Coro 170
    Providence, RI  02903

    Phone: 401-444-8273
    Fax: 401-444-8963

    Linda J. Smith
    President, Lifespan Risk Services, Inc.  

    Tel: 401-444-8207

    Rick Almeida
    Director, Insurance & Business Operations

    Tel: 401-444-6186

    Suzanne Duni, JD, RN, BSN
    Director, Loss Prevention Program

    Tel: 401-444-2018

    Deborah Randall, RN, BSN, CPHRM
    Underwriting/Loss Prevention

    Tel: 401-444-8251

    Steven Santos
    Senior Business/Underwriting Analyst

    Tel: 401-444-4582

    Pat DeNuccio
    Insurance & Underwriting Coordinator

    Tel: 401-444-8934

    Sharon Malloy
    Claims System Administrator and Physician Support Services

    Tel: 401-444-5458

    Deborah Maloney
    Director Assistant/Customer & Insurance Services Coordinator

    Tel: 401-444-8273

    Valerie Till
    Executive Assistant  

    Tel: 401-444-4595