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    Martin Miner, MD, co-director of the Men's Health Center at The Miriam Hospital discusses unique challenges for men and offers tips for optimum health.

    The Men’s Health Center at The Miriam Hospital provides clinical and psychological care for sexual dysfunction. For the past five years, the center’s co-directors, Martin Miner, MD and Mark Sigman, MD and staff of the Men’s Health Center have been working to identify the cause of each patient’s dysfunction, which may vary from heart disease, to hormone deficiency to psychological issues.

    Along the way, they have created a national presence for the center, which is widely recognized for its multidisciplinary evaluations and treatments. Miner is the president-elect of the newly established American Society of Men's Health. Sigman is past president of the Society of Reproductive Surgeons. Kathleen Hwang, MD is an award-winning, board certified urologist who received fellowship training in male reproductive medicine and surgery. John Wincze, PhD and Risa Weisberg, PhD, a recent addition to the center’s staff, are known internationally for their research and publications in the area of human sexuality.

    Expanded Staff

    To accommodate a growing number of patients, the Men’s Health Center has been renovated, adding exam rooms as well as offices for new clinicians. Vincent Harisaran, MD joined the Men's Health Center in March. He completed his urology training at Brown University and has expertise in surgery for erectile dysfunction. In addition, a new internist, Mark Paulos, MD, will join the center and work with Miner in the cardiometabolic evaluation of men with erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency. Men with erectile dysfunction and testosterone deficiency are at greater risk for heart attacks; through a careful examination of hormonal status, diet and exercise, the center’s clinicians identify these men and work with their primary care physicians to reduce their risk.

    Men's Health group shotLeft to right: Mark Sigman, MD, co-director, Men's Health Center; John Wincze, PhD, clinical psychologist; Bethany Nelson, PA; Mark Paulos, MD; and Martin Miner, MD, co-director, Men's Health Center  

    Physician assistant Beth Nelson has also joined the center; previously, Nelson was a physician assistant in inpatient urology at The Miriam. Physical therapist Christy Cielsa, one of the few therapists trained in male pelvic floor problems such as incontinence that can be an unwanted side effect of pelvic or prostate surgery, has increased her hours to keep up with demand. And Joseph Conlan has become the center’s office manager, orienting each new patient to the center's services and providers and ensuring timely access and appropriate services.

    The center serves as a resource for men with erectile or sexual dysfunction, Peyronie's disease (penile curvature), male hormonal deficiencies, and post prostate cancer therapies to ensure restoration of sexual function. With the addition of Paulos, the center hopes to add services specific to the evaluation and management of male bone health.


    The center also conducts research on topics such as non-surgical therapies for the treatment of Peyronie's disease and the potential use of a new hypertensive medication, nebivolol, that may enhance male sexual function. This is important as many blood pressure therapies improve blood pressure but may impair sexual function, thereby reducing compliance.