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  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. How can I find a lab that is convenient for me?

    A. Get an up-to-date listing of.

    Q: Can you tell me more about the tests that I'm having?

    A: Personnel collecting blood and other specimens will always be happy to tell you the name of your test(s) but may not be able to tell you why it is being performed. Many tests have more than one purpose and the person collecting your specimen is often not a doctor or privy to your medical history.

    If you have questions regarding a particular test it is important for you to speak to your health care provider.

    Q: How soon will my health care provider get my lab results?

    A: Result turn around time depends on what test is being ordered. Most routine outpatient tests are reported to your health care provider within 24 hours. Some microbiology and specialty testing may take several days to several weeks.

    Q: How can I obtain my lab results?

    A: Your lab results should be obtained from your health care provider.