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  • Central Research Facilities: Central Animal Facilities

  • The central animal facilities (CAF) are under the central research facilities (CRF) and comprise a community of hard-working individuals who ensure that the animal subjects that are used on research projects are cared for in the most humane and ethical manner. These individuals are trained to handle the animals and to recognize any possible problems or issues that may arise.

    If you are a principal investigator planning to use live, vertebrate animals for research, training or testing, you must adhere to requirements in the public health service (PHS) policy on humane care and use of laboratory animals and the Animal Welfare Act and Regulations. After Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) review and approval, you then need to go through orientation with the manager of the CRF and order your animals through the supervisor of the Rhode Island Hospital CAF.

    Lifespan CRF/CAF Staff:

    CRF Director: Paula Bains-Vallee
    CRF Secretary: Maria Papp
    CRF Managers: Ashley Hemendinger and Roland Lariviere
    CRF Veterinary Services Supervisor (Coro/Claverick): Penny Cloutier-Lyons
    CRF OR/Veterinary Services Supervisor (Middle House): Christen Owen
    CRF Veterinary Services Coordinators: Jim Clarke, Bethany Healey
    Attending Veterinarian: Lara Helwig, DVM, DACLAM
    Assistant Attending Veterinarian: Tiffany Borjeson, DVM

    For more information, please call 401-444-5788

    Send all correspondence to Rhode Island Hospital, Aldrich 510.