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  • Office of Research Administration

  • Central Research Facilities Operating Room and Veterinary Services

  • The central research facilities operating room is available for anyone who wishes to perform any non-rodent sterile or non sterile surgery. Anyone wishing to book the OR services must do so by calling the CRF OR supervisor.

    The central research veterinary technician services and central animal facility technician services are available on a per-hour basis. These services include pre- and post-operative medications. Chronic studies requiring antibiotics, analgesics or technician time will be assessed on an individual basis and billed at cost plus 10%. To schedule any of these services, please contact the CAF/OR supervisors, veterinary technician or the CRF director.

    There is an animal health program at no cost to researchers.

    Lifespan CRF Staff

    CRF Director: Paula Bains-Vallee
    CRF Secretary: Maria Papp
    CAF Supervisor (Middle House): Thomas Frenze
    CAF/Veterinary Services Supervisor (Coro/Claverick): Penny Cloutier-Lyons
    CAF Supervisor (Coro/Claverick): Roland Lariviere
    CRF OR/Veterinary Services Supervisor (Middle House): Stephanie Pacheco
    CRF Operations and Compliance Coordinator: Ashley Hemendinger
    CAF Veterinary Technicians: Jim Clarke, Paul Chamberlain
    Attending Veterinarian: Lara Helwig, DVM, DACLAM
    Assistant Attending Veterinarian: Larry Hulesbos, DVM, DACLAM

    For information, call 401-444-5788

    Please send all correspondence to Rhode Island Hospital, Aldrich 510