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  • Comparing Legal Options

  • Some differences between a Living Will and a Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care:

    Living Will Durable Power of Attorney 
    for Health Care
    Spells out, in writing, under what circumstances you want medical care withdrawn or withheldAppoints someone to make health care decisions for you and permits you to specify guidelines and limitations if you wish
    Requires no specific form Must use a specific form
    Refers only to withholding or withdrawing care Encompasses all health care decisions, including requesting or refusing treatment
    Applies only to terminal conditions that leave you unable to make or communicate decisions Applies to any kind of illness or injury that incapacitates you
    Does not place decision-making responsibility on a specific person Requires that you name someone you trust who is willing to accept responsibility
    Is static and may not cover every possible medical situation Is flexible and can apply to changing circumstances
    Can be easily revoked, orally or in writing Can be easily revoked, orally or in writing
    Specifically addresses nutrition and hydration Need not specifically address nutrition and hydration

    If you would like more information regarding advance directives, please speak with your case manager.