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    As the largest provider of health care services in the state and the largest private employer in Rhode Island, Lifespan is committed to investing in a talented and dedicated workforce and in improving the health of our local economy.

    We Invest in People

    We make substantial investments in our workforce, including initiatives that are directly related to developing—and keeping—the most talented and dedicated employees in health care. Since 1998, the number of people employed by Lifespan increased by 35 percent. This has added more than 3,100 competitively paying jobs to the Rhode Island economy. Today, more than 15,000 people (12,459 Lifespan employees and 3,413 active medical staff members) work at Lifespan facilities and a recent survey showed that more than 80 percent say they are proud to work at Lifespan, nearly 80 percent believe that Lifespan is a good place to work, and more than 70 percent say they place a critical role in the success of Lifespan.

    We are also committed to providing job opportunities to adults in our community, summer employment for area youth and advancement opportunities for entry-level employees at our facilities. Valuing the cultural richness of our neighborhoods, Lifespan maintains a commitment to diversity and inclusion in its hiring practices.

    We Invest in Our Communities

    We are Rhode Islanders, committed to the economic wellbeing of our state and its citizens. In addition to the economic benefit that we bring as the city and state’s largest employer, and the funds and jobs created by our thriving research sector, Lifespan has also made significant decisions intended to have a positive effect on reversing the economic difficulties facing our capital city and our state.

    Lifespan: Delivering health with care.