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  • Patient Experience

    Our hospitals regularly report data from surveys received from patients. Patients who have had an overnight stay in the hospital are randomly chosen to complete a survey rating their hospital experiences in a number of areas. The areas have been chosen by the federal government as being key indicators that the hospital has provided a positive experience for its patients.

    Survey questions cover such topics as:

    • How well doctors, nurses and other hospital staff members communicated with patients
    • How responsive hospital staff were to patients
    • How well patients’ pain was controlled
    • How clean patients thought their room was
    • How quiet patients thought the hospital was at night
    • Whether patients received information to help them recover at home
    • How patients rate the hospital overall
    • Whether patients would recommend the hospital to others

    The surveys are administered by a third-party company, Press Ganey, Inc., which is entirely independent of the hospital. Results are reported quarterly to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and may be viewed at