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  • Lifespan: Delivering health with care.

  • Our Mission Principles

    We are big.

    We have the resources and partnerships to handle the nearly infinite range of health challenges that can occur in our community of more than one million people.

    We are personal.

    We are focused…on you. We provide highly personalized care to each patient, who benefits from the extensive knowledge and expertise of our collaborative teams of experts.

    We are analytical.

    We are evidence-based — assuring delivery of the most effective clinical care to our patients, supported by rigorous analysis of processes and outcomes.

    We are caring.

    We never forget that our patients may feel vulnerable, so we consistently provide care with kindness and empathy.

    We are experts.

    As an academically based health care system, our collective expertise is second to none, and we bring that expertise to our patients and into our communities in myriad ways.

    We are seekers.

    To remain at the forefront of medical care, we continually engage in research that will lead to the breakthroughs that will become tomorrow’s cures.