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  • Patient-centered care is a partnership between patient, physician and care team.Patient-Centered Care

    Patient-centered care is a partnership between patient, physician and care team, who work together toward the common goal of your optimal wellness. We do that by preventing disease, by halting or reversing the progress of disease through timely intervention, and by monitoring and managing each patient’s health over time.

    You can feel confident about our depth of experience, and that we offer the most advanced treatments for critical, rare and routine diseases. All of our patient care is provided in the context of an academic medical center. Great strides in disease prevention and cure have occurred in recent decades, and we remain at the forefront of research and discovery about diseases, their causes and cures.

    As part of an academic medical center, our hospitals consolidate their expertise in order to develop centers of excellence that offer the most advanced and highest quality medical care in the areas of cardiology, orthopedics, cancer care and the neurosciences, among others.

    As a comprehensive, full-service, health care delivery system, Lifespan keeps its focus on patients through:

    • Primary and Specialty Care

      Our hospitals, clinics and programs provide extensive, convenient and high quality patient care, including excellent primary care to help our patients prevent illness and manage chronic conditions like obesity, hypertension and diabetes. We also consolidate our expertise to provide the most advanced specialty care in neurology, cardiology, orthopedics and cancer care, among many others.
    • Comprehensive Mental Health Care

      Lifespan is fully committed to integrating high quality mental health care with primary medical services.
    • Technology and Infrastructure Improvements

      Lifespan continually invests in the latest diagnostic and treatment technology as well as infrastructure improvements for our patients’ maximum benefit and comfort.
    • Patient Participation and Feedback

      We have systems in place that safeguard and promote a focus on patients, including hourly rounding, patient advisory groups, patient surveys, and patient-centered nursing care.

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