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  • Patient Participation and Feedback

    We also have systems in place that safeguard and promote a focus on patients, including:

    • Relationship-based care: Lifespan embraces a nursing model that promotes relationship-based care, which emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus on the patient and his or her unique life circumstances, values and needs. Each patient can feel confident in the clinical expertise of all of our care providers, as well as in their commitment to treating each patient with respect and empathy.
    • Rounding: Our staff visit patients in their rooms on a regular basis to ask about their experience and to assess whether we can improve their stay in any way. This is one strategy we use to achieve excellence and assure that our care team puts our patients at the center of everything we do.
    • Patient and family advisory groups: We rely on patient and family input and participation to develop and maintain patient- and family-centered care. Our patient and family advisory groups improve communication between hospital staff and our patients and their families. The groups allow us to hear from families directly and benefit from their experiences, thoughts and suggestions, and they provide opportunities for parents and family members to support each other through sharing their experiences.
    • Patient and family surveys: We value the opinions of our patients and families, and request their participation in surveys that collect information on key indicators of positive patient experiences. We regularly report data from our patient surveys to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, which posts results at