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    Lyme disease is closer to home than you think. Complaints run the gamut from swollen joints to chest pains that send people to the emergency room fearing a heart attack. Don't let Lyme disease be the scourge of your summer.

    • Lyme disease history
      Rhode Island is tick country.
    • Protect yourself
      Tick tips Avoiding ticks is the best way to prevent Lyme disease. Here are some tips to discourage them.
    • Signs of Lyme disease
      One or more symptoms can signal Lyme disease. Here's what to look out for.
    • Treatment
      In the majority of cases, a 30-day course of an appropriate antibiotic cures the disease. Sadly for others, the treatment either doesn't work or comes too late.Tick tips
    • Why is Lyme disease on the rise?
      Two decades after its discovery, Lyme disease remains a mystery and is the source of controversy among the medical community.
    • Research progress
      Tick tips Promising developments in Lyme disease research are taking place at the University of Rhode Island and in Boston.
    • Lyme links
      Local and national resources online

    Get checked: The Lyme Disease Clinic at Rhode Island Hospital