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  • Erin Tooley, PhD

  • Erin Tooley, PhD, is a research associate at The Miriam Hospital and a postdoctoral fellow at the Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University Centers for Behavioral & Preventive Medicine. She is currently a recipient of the NIH-funded T32 fellowship in cardiovascular behavioral medicine.

    Tooley's research interests focus around a common theme: the development and implementation of health-enhancement and health-behavior change interventions within pre-existing health care organizations. Specifically, her research interests include the use of motivational interviewing (MI) to promote the use of healthy behaviors in at-risk populations, such as cardiac patients and patients with substance use disorders, and the best ways to train and implement MI in health care settings. Tooley is also interested in factors such as mindfulness that promote resilience in clinical populations and health behavior change interventions that include family members and significant others.

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    Book Chapters

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