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  • Facial Peels and Skin Resurfacing

  • Facial Peels and Skin Resurfacing

    Want a lunchtime facelift? No problem. Now there are more choices than ever before for people to shed their skin and preserve a youthful glow.

    • The Blue Peel
      The Obagi Blue Peel is an in-office procedure that uses a low concentration of acid to remove thin layers of aged and damaged skin.
    • ß-Liftx
      This newer chemical peel, which uses beta hydroxyacid, is quicker, safer and more potent than older peels.
    • Power PeelsTM
      These peels use a technique called dermabrasion, which gently removes skin layers and can take years off your face. The procedure also works for scarred and discolored skin.
    • Particle Skin Resurfacing
      In this non-chemical procedure, a fine crystal spray is used to resurface the skin.

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