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  • Why do I need to be credentialed?

    State law, accrediting bodies and the Medical Staff Bylaws require, ALL licensed independent (LIP's) who wish to treat patients at TMH to have the credentialing AND privileging verification process completed prior to providing patient care.  This process is known as the Initial Application process.

    How long does it take to process an Initial Application?

    There are two parts to the Initial Application process described below.  As a general rule both parts take between 30 -90 days.

    ·        Credentialing and Privileging Verifications- The Medical Staff Services department goal is to complete all Initial Applications verifications within 30 - 90 days.  However, this time frame is contingent upon verifying all credentialing and privileging information after a completed initial application is received.  You can assist with this process by promptly responding and partnering with Medical Staff Services requests for information (if needed). 

    ·        Approval Process- Additionally, once an Initial Application has been completely verified, the next step is the approval process.  This requires review from Department Chiefs, Credentials Committee, Medical Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees.  This process generally takes 30 - 60 day.

    ·        Entire Process- You can expect the entire process to take 90 days or longer.   

    Can a Physician or Allied Health Professional work in the hospital before completing the credentialing/Initial Application process?

    No.  It is TMH's legal obligation to ensure that all practitioners have gone through the credentialing process and have been approved by the Board of Trustees.

    Who do I contact for an Initial Application?

    Medical Staff Services can be reached at (401) 793-3848.  They will inform you of all information required as part of the Pre-Application process.  Once it has been determined that you meet the criteria set forth in the Pre-Application process, an Initial Application will be sent to you.

    Why do I need to be re-credentialed every two years?

    As stated by state law, accrediting bodies and the Medical Staff Bylaws require, ALL licensed independent (LIP's) who wish to treat patients at TMH must be re-credentialed every two years to reevaluate each medical staff and Allied Health Professionals' performance, activity, licensure and clinical competence.  This reapplication process is shorter but must be done no later than every 24 months.

    How do I obtain access to the IS systems (Outlook and logon information for clinical programs)?

    Once your credentials and privileges have been approved by the Board of Trustees, the Credentialing Specialist that processed your Initial Application will request the standard physician package (Network Login, Email, IAM Account, Lifelinks, Med Host and Remote Lifelinks).  If department specific IS programs are required, the Department personnel will obtain that access for you.