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    Fire Vocabulary


    When someone's skin is injured by contact with hot liquid (like coffee or boiling water).


    When a person is injured by contact with fire. There are three types of burns.

    First Aid Tips: If you burn yourself, remove yourself from the hot item or flame and run cool water over the burn immediately for 3 to 5 minutes. Do not put ointment or cream on it. See a nurse or doctor.

    Oxygen Deprivation

    When a fire starts, it eats up the oxygen in the air. Oxygen is the part of the air that people need to breathe, so if there is not enough oxygen in the air, people can become unconscious or die.

    Smoke Inhalation

    Fire produces smoke, which contains poisonous gases that can hurt people very badly. The gases in smoke can cause people to pass out and be unable to escape a fire.


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